Money Management Rules
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Money Management Rules

Sporty new cars, big elaborate houses, designer clothes, sparkling diamonds, and a magnificent house on the beach!  Joining the country club, staying in 5-star hotels, traveling abroad and enrolling your kids in the finest private schools. And when you can't afford it any longer, there's always "Mastercard"!

Ah, now that's the good life!

Or is it?

Today's world is so focused on immediate gratification and hyperconsumerism that many people have forgotten how to enjoy life. They don't even know how to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life that can give so much more meaning and fulfillment to their lives.

People are spending an inordinate amount of time at their jobs and they're constantly scrambling to keep up. That leaves little time left over for family and friends - and they certainly don't have time left over for themselves! Many have abandoned their personal values for the sake of "appearing wealthy". Their vital capacities of life are suffering and they don't even realize it is happening.

In a world where spending tomorrow's earnings and cash has become the norm, it's hard to imagine a life with financial, mental, physical and spiritual peace. But don't be fooled. Simplifying your life and living a 'better life' that is filled with purpose is just at your fingertips. And all it requires is taking control of your finances and your vital capacities of life.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to slow down long enough to take control of their own lives though. They continue on the treadmill and rat-race of life day in and day out - experiencing little joy and fulfillment with where and how they spend their time. They're so busy trying to keep up with everyone else, that they lose themselves and their own identity in a sea of faces.

Today's "I've got to have it now" mentality is robbing tens of thousands of people from enjoying life. The stress and anxiety from being over-worked and loaded with debt takes a toll - yet they keep on doing what they are doing.

And if they keep on doing what they are doing, they'll keep on getting what they have been getting - deeper in debt and more stressed!

Isn't it time to make a change?

Uncovering Today's World of Materialism

Consumerism today is all about 'he who has the most possessions wins'!  Unfortunately there is a widespread mindset that more 'things' will make you happier, make people like you better, and lead to a better and more fulfilled life.

Think about the things that turn heads and have people talking. Consider the things that create the impression of money and wealth. Outward appearances can be deceiving, but we soon forget that important fact.

  • New cars are a major status symbol in today's society. Cars today come with a hefty price tag and when you buy a car with all of the bells and whistles, you are perceived to be 'wealthy'. But along with that status symbol comes a 4, 5, or even 6 year payment plan. The more you pay on that shiny new automobile, the more it depreciates. And your debt builds.
  • Housing is a major status symbol for the majority of people in today's society. Living in the 'right neighborhood' is an important part of buying a new house. Most people seem to believe that the bigger the house, the better - and the perception again is that wealthy people live in big houses. But along with the big house, comes a mega mortgage! Too many people are 'house poor' with mortgage payments out of control.
  • Materialism has reached an all time high with most Americans. That is evident through their willingness to sacrifice financial independence and financial security for designer clothes, elaborate home furnishings, expensive jewelry, pleasure boats, seaside vacation homes, and a multitude of other items. Just whip out the plastic cards and it's instant gratification!

Americans are actually consumed by consumerism today. Luxuries have now become necessities in the eyes of many. And it is a measure of success to acquire an arsenal of consumer goods for the world to see.

Possessions have become so important to us that we will go to great lengths to acquire them - and that usually means going into debt or spending tomorrow's earnings. Many people will do whatever it takes for immediate gratification without considering the consequences of tomorrow or next year.

Many people are so obsessed with materialistic things, that they forget what's important in life. If they really stop and take a hard look at their lives, they will probably find that in the process of accumulating possessions, they have forgotten to enjoy their possessions and live life!

They've been too busy figuring out what to buy next and looking at what others have accumulated. Envy, greed, and obsession have created a world where credit cards and materialism are the norm.

The process of building an arsenal of materialistic possessions takes a toll on most people. It can quickly zap their finances - but more importantly, it can erode their mental, physical, and spiritual health as well. The stress and strain of over-spending and focusing on 'things' creates an array of ailments for the average person. That translates to mental and physical ailments and sometimes chronic illness.

There is an outrageous desire to spend money just to outwardly demonstrate that one is wealthy - or at least, perceived to be wealthy. People want to fit in and that often means going beyond their comfort level of spending to do so.

Some of the things that are considered affluent include:

  • Being a member of a prestigious country club
  • Wearing designer clothes
  • Driving the 'right' automobile
  • Attending a private school
  • Living in an impressive neighborhood
  • Being a member of the right 'click'
  • Attending the most recognized social events
  • Traveling to expensive destinations

These are all important goals for many people in today's society. But if people would really stop and look, they may discover that these are not really their goals at all. They are goals that have been influenced and determined by someone else.

They are working hard to climb the ladder to success, but the ladder is leaning against the wrong building. They are working hard to cut down the tree, but the tree is in the wrong forest. Somehow their life has gotten off on the wrong track and they don't even realize how or when it happened.

But worst of all, they don't know how to change. They're scared to think about change and they don't know where to start. They've dug a deep hole and rather than struggling to climb out of the hole, it's just easier to keep digging.


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